Just got into an accident?
Need a tow-truck, or a Car Rental?
We can help.

Please call to reserve a rental vehicle or to order a tow truck:

  • Scarborough
  • Phone: (416) 755 7651
  • North York
  • Phone: (416) 749 6721
  • Toronto
  • Phone: (416) 463-9100


At Prochilo Brothers Auto Collision, we offer a 24/7 towing and accident assistance anywhere in Southern Ontario.

Rental Vehicle

We are dedicated to quality auto collision service, and that goes beyond just repairing your vehicle. When you drop your vehicle off at any Prochilo Brothers location, we will arrange a rental car for you in minutes.

We can also have a rental car shuttled to your home or workplace if needed. A free courtesy car is available at any Prochilo Brothers location for your convenience if you are paying out of pocket for repairs. We try our best to make your auto collision repair experience as simple and cost friendly as possible.

What's Next?

After you drop off your vehicle at Prochilo Brothers, the vehicle is disassembled and damages are thoroughly assessed to ensure all the affected areas are documented in the repair plan.

  • A blue print is compiled that outlines the necessary steps for the auto repair process. At this point, an estimate is calculated for the repair as well as an approximate time for completion.
  • If repairs are through an insurance claim, photos of all damages are directly sent to your insurance company along with the repair plan estimate.
  • After the insurance company has approved the repair plan, the necessary parts are ordered immediately.
  • Once the parts are attained, the vehicle is ready to begin the repair process.
  • Before you are notified of repair completion, we perform a quality control check to ensure all repairs are completed to satisfaction with a complimentary interior and exterior detail.