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Environmental Mission

The improper disposal of metal, motor oil, lead-acid batteries, and antifreeze are major contributors to pollution. At Prochilo Brothers we keep the Earth in mind and take pride in our eco-friendly solutions. Using "green" parts, waste recovery, recycling materials, and using environmental paint are among the actions we take to address our environmental concerns. Our technicians clean up when they are finished servicing your vehicle and dispose of any waste to decrease the risks of water, air, and landfill contamination. All three locations are very conscious of the facility’s energy consumption, waste generation, our dependence on fossil fuels, and production of greenhouse gases.

Leaders for a greener planet.

As resources become scarce and landfills become over-full, Prochilo Brothers strives to do their part by repairing rather than replacing when possible. We are working on a regular basis to review our environmental program, identify opportunities for improvement, and become leaders for a greener planet.

We recycle our paint materials, paper products, metals, and any plastics that can be recycled. Additionally, any used solvents, aerosols, soiled equipment, soiled lubricants, and paint slurries are all subjected to controlled treatment. Prochilo Brothers use nothing but environmentally friendly water based paint, and our paint emissions are triple filtered before they leave the shop. Prochilo Brothers is your Eco-Friendly Alternative in Collision Repair.